Trade Show Stands

Design, manufacture and assembly of stands for fairs and congresses.

Trade Show Stands

What keys allow that some stands for fairs succeed and others go unnoticed?

In stands for fairs, as in large-area exhibitors, there are a series of guidelines that allow a commercial space to become a creative space for events. In the design of stands for fairs, there are several determining factors, which is why it is necessary that a multidisciplinary team of interior designers, architects, creatives and carpenters and electricians work in the stands project.

In BC CREA we give integral solutions to each brand or company

We have experience and qualified personnel, which allows us to obtain a global approach, from the creative point of view of commercial marketing to the most practical approach to set-up with sufficient time to have maneuverability in last-minute adjustments.

What aspects matter in the design of stands for fairs?

1. Corporate identity of each firm

These small details can be what our stands identify for fairs of other competitors. If we do not maintain a clear line of brand identity, we run the risk that our stand may shine, but not achieve the objective we seek.

2. Activity area and objective

The stands for food fairs obviously do not have to meet the same requirements as stands for technology fairs. Each sector needs its structural, functional and aesthetic elements. We evaluate each area, to know how to set up the stand, with the technological equipment that should accompany the general structure of the stand.

3. Aesthetic balance

In design, sometimes, less is more. We mean that when a design is overloaded it can lose strength. Sometimes, a minimalist design with adequate lighting and a clear message can be more successful than any oversized composition.

4.Adequate lighting

The team that makes up our company has interior designers who analyze and control the most appropriate lighting levels and the number of light sources. Placing too many light sources will not make our trade show booths look better. A good use of lighting will allow our stands to shine without the need to dazzle.

5. Public of the event

The design is subjective, but the truth is that people ignore the design that ignores people, that is, if you ignore your target audience, they will do the same. Our stands company in Barcelona takes into account the activity of each client and their target, to direct all the phases of the stands project for fairs to obtain visible and effective results.

6. Creativity and originality

The stands for more effective fairs are those that attract the visitor in the first seconds. In a trade fair such as the Mobile World Congress there is so much competition of stands that you only have a few seconds to get the attention of the visitor. Although the site is a key factor in the visibility of a stand, the original and creative design will allow ours to have a special impact on the public.

Design, manufacture and assembly of stands for fairs




Stands para Mobile World Congress

Design, manufacture and assembly of stands for the Mobile World Congress. Your innovation, our inspiration.

Stands for Mobile World Congress 2023


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