Stands for events

What characteristics should the stands have for events? Aesthetics and functionality.

Stands para eventos

The design and construction of event stands or exhibitors for fairs, companies seek that the service be integral, covering all phases, from initial planning, to assembly at the fair or congress.

The design must be functional, adjust to the available space, profitably every inch of aesthetics and advertising, so that event stands represent the corporate identity of the brand or signature.

At Bc Crea we range from practical, fast and economical solutions to stands for events that are designed, with a higher budget and high performance. Each client exposes us to our needs and we evaluate the characteristics of the stands for events that we can offer.

What are the key aspects that we analyze?

The type of event

The magnitude, the space and the type of event (sector, characteristics, type of guest ...) helps us to determine the characteristics of the stand, the type of structure, the technological elements that we must employ ... Obviously, stands for Mobile World Congress will be very different from the stands for Alimentaria, because the subject matters absolutely everything.

Marketing Plan

Each commercial campaign pursues a conversion objective (attracting clients, getting leads or "potential customers" ...) From our company of comprehensive reforms and stands, we analyze the marketing plan of each company or firmly, to coordinate the stands for events that we design, manufacture and assemble, adjusted to a common goal, to make the investment profitable.

If, for example, we want the fair or event to close customers, then we should reserve a more private or close space to close the agreement. On the contrary, if we are looking for event stands to help impact the user or guest, the stand design will be completely different, because branding determines our goal or marketing plan.

Stands with identity, functionality and service

Perhaps because of the experience, dedication or training in new design and construction trends, our stand company in Barcelona knows to look beyond furniture, to achieve a stay, a perfect set that fuses identity, functionality and service.

Call the action

In design sometimes less is more. When we look for impact on a customer, we should not focus on more labels, screens or colors. In design of event stands, sometimes to draw attention, we must opt for originality, in the visual visual elements that guide the visitor towards a conversion goal: to know you, to buy, to subscribe or to leave the data ...

Architecture of the stand

Before planning the stands for reventions, we determine key aspects such as the type of floor covering, the architecture (if it needs a roof, for example) the type of lighting, the type of technology (tablets, televisions, ...)

With regard to corporate identity, we strongly agree on the color chart or the texts and typography, advising the company in marketing and design.


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