Stands for conferences

Our stands have been present at the main congresses in Barcelona.

Stands para congresos

In stands for congresses or stands for fairs, the success lies in the correct planning, in the integral management of each phase of the project and in punctuality. In Augusta BC Crea we take care of fulfilling all the requirements in the design and manufacture, with stand assembly in Barcelona.

At BC Crea we believe that design is the foundation of success. For this reason, we dedicate a special effort in determining each of the characteristics and materials of the stands for local, national and international congresses.

Main characteristics of successful stands in congresses or events

Corporate identity of the brand, event or company

We analyze the corporate identity of each company, firm or business, to faithfully follow each of the details that characterize each client. From its philosophy (determining to establish the structure and materials) to its corporate color, with accurate pantones to the brand logo.

Your brand, your style

Objective of the congress

According to the tone of the congress, its objective or theme in question, we determine the design of stands in Barcelona It is not the same to manufacture a stand for a medical congress than for a technology event. The public changes and consequently their way of acting in the event as well. In BC Crea we analyze the type of public to determine each aspect of the stands for congresses: structure, graphic design, lighting ...

Customer's sector

We adjust the functionality and presence of the stand to the activity of each client. In stands for food, we must establish a series of obligatory hygienic measures, such as refrigerated machinery or trays of refrigerated shelves. On the other hand, if we are talking about stands for advocacy or medicine congresses, the stand should be more informative and less commercial. However, depending on the objective of each client, we can choose an informal style or another more commercial and commercial.

An appropriate style, a coordinated and effective team

Without understanding the message of the firm, we can not translate it into a graphic element. For this reason, we give special importance to the previous planning and design phase. Our technical team gets to work in the first minute with each project, so that the idea materializes towards a conversion in marketing for your business.

The creativity in each stand

To impact the visitor, the stands for congresses should avoid the common, providing a uniqueness that makes them attractive to the visitor or guest. The human being tends to get used to those structures or elements that he sees frequently, eliminating the surprise character, so necessary in marketing and advertising. We flee from the "traditional" because we think that in order to offer a personalized service, we must deliver a customized product. Logical, right?

What stages does our service include?

We provide 360º solutions in stand design in Barcelona

Stand design, exclusive, different and original.
Transport of stands Barcelona, Catalonia, all Spain or Europe.
Assembly of stands, integral service with installation in the event


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