Stand Production

We take care of all the stages of the stands, making the production in our workshops.

Stand Production

As specialists in the design of stands, assembly of stands and transport and logistics of stands in Barcelona, we produce tailor-made stands for fairs and events in Barcelona, national or international.

In design and production of stands, we take into account all possible variables, from the size, to the type of materials and structures required according to the purpose of sale and the needs of impact on the consumer or customer of the fair and event.

Design of stands in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress or Alimentària

Our goal with the services of stand production is to improve and enhance your image, developing for it, design stands, avant-garde, different, showing the business motivation of small and large international firms.

Production of customized design stands

During our extensive experience in the sector, we have developed stand production works for large multinational companies. Our added value is focused on the integral turnkey service that we can provide to the firm or company in question.

We realize stand production with personalized or modular works, adjusted to the budget of each client, with interior design service to adjust the integral aesthetics of each stand to the measure.

Phases in the production of stands:

Transport and logistics

1. Design of the booth plans by a specialist team. Analyzing the space available and other variables such as the product or sales service, a tailor-made stand design is prepared, which the client can assess and adjust.

2. Carpentry work and stand production. Considering the characteristics of materials and constructive details agreed upon in the planning of the stand, the company carries out the construction of the modules or pieces of the stand.

3. Evaluation of finishes. Before closing the approach of the stand, adjustments are made on the final design, so that each section is perfectly placed on the general set.

4. Transportation to the location of the event in question. Made by the logistics team itself, which allows safe packaging of all merchandise, with security measures according to the type of material.

5. Assembly of the stand at the fair and event. The client will have the stand mounted on the agreed day and time, with enough time to be able to attend to possible problems that may arise.

The production of stands is done in the workshop of the company, by pieces, in such a way that the structure is easily transportable, with a fast, aesthetic and safe assembly.


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