Preparing the ITMA 2023 fair

We design and manufacture stands for the largest textile technology event in Milano.

ITMA is the most established and well-known fair in the machinery sector in Europe - 

Not only presenting us with the latest developments and needs of the sector, it also makes a special mention of sustainability. It is a fair mainly used to talk about environmental issues, solutions to improve the industry and to promote the use of recycling. In each stand they use all kinds of textiles and at the end of the fair the organization collects them and they make sure to recycle everything that is left over. Without a doubt, each year ITMA impresses more and more.


You will meet a large number of manufacturers, distributors, buyers, dealers, retailers, factory and shop owners, mechanical engineers from all over the world. With more than 100,000 professionals and 13,500 exhibitors, it is an ideal place for your company to grow. Do your part in this fair and talk to us about your ideas to design your stand. We will be happy to help you find the best design for you.

After many years of experience, it continues to be the best meeting point to discover the best trends.


We are the perfect company specializing in the production of for your stand, we have participated since its inception in the technological event of the year. The stands for ITMA that we plan, design and set up offer a practical, real and innovative vision to the textile technology firm. It must be remembered that companies from all over the world attend this event. Those clients demand, as is logical, the same service for the construction of their stands for ITMA in Milan.

Technological stands for the most important fair in the textile sector - 

We combine elements of lighting, technology and design, with materials that are practical in assembly and effective in a communication strategy, to impact the visitor, maintaining the essence of each brand.


¿Does your brand participate in the ITMA?


Milan June 8, 2023 - June 14, 2023

100% effective SOLUTIONS

 We make a proposal, with a specific action plan, stand manufacturing, assembly and disassembly at  Feria Milan.

 We are one of the most consolidated companies in the design and manufacture of stands in Barcelona

 We carry out a comprehensive service that ranges from design to manufacturing, assembly, lighting, technological equipment, furniture, props, catering, hostesses...

 We will take care of the procedures with the fairgrounds, transport, assembly and disassembly.

Stands for the world

Stands para el futuro digital

If you don't innovate, you die. In the technology sector, the search for new components and designs always pursues the goal of improving the user experience. We do the same.

Boots for ITMA 2023



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