Assembly of stands

Keys to make a good assembly of stands at fairs or events

Assembly of stands

Exhibitions, fairs, events ... In the assembly of stands, placement of exhibitors at events or installation of stands for fairs and conferences, each company needs a solution adapted to its corporate image and commercial or advertising objectives that the marketing plan establish.

What aspects should we take into account in the planning of the assembly of stands at fairs and events?

Mobile World Congress, Alimentària, sectorial fairs or international events are the perfect opportunity to show the quick and valuable information of your company at the exhibitor. To generate the necessary impact in the assembly of stands you must think beyond the event, developing a design of stands useful, aesthetic, practical and novel. The novelty is the basis to generate the desired impact.

To ensure an event without setbacks, the planning of the assembly of stands and its execution must be scheduled, rigorously fulfilling the deadlines, both in its design, as in the construction of stands and of course, in the assembly of stands in the days before the event . The technical team and the personnel in charge must prepare a road map, which allows each element (structural, graphic, technological ...) to be coordinated as a whole with the rest. It is advisable that the previous day or the previous hours are dedicated to small adjustments, but in no case the assembly of stands must be done at the last moment.

Functionality is the key to stand assembly

Sometimes, the desire to show too much information of a company or sector causes that the stand assembly is overloaded, generating "noise" instead of clarity. If you want the stand assembly to succeed, the visitor should feel comfortable, in a clean, modern, orderly environment, where the objective of communication of the brand is clear.

If you are looking for a company of integral reforms or stands, we are specialists in providing an integral service to each client.

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